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According to Net Worth Spot, Sebastian has an estimated net worth of 826.33 thousand as of August 2022. The rewinside YouTube channel receives about 3.64 million views each month and approximately 121.27 thousand views every day. YouTube channels make between $3 and $7 per thousand video views on average.

If rewinside falls within this range, Net Worth Spot predicts that he makes $14.55 thousand each month, for a total annual income of $218.28 thousand. Rewinside might earn up to $392.91 thousand per year on the high end. rewinside is expected to have more revenue streams. Influencers could promote their own items, obtain sponsorships, or earn money through affiliate commissions.


Sebastian Meyer is a German YouTuber, streamer, musician, and vlogger (born in Weilerswist on December 2, 1992). One of Germany’s top video producers, he has approximately 3.2 million YouTube subscribers and 1.4 million Twitch followers (as of December 2020). In 2013, he started a YouTube channel, where he primarily posted Let’s Plays for the sandbox game Minecraft. The games he presented also changed as the number of viewers increased constantly. As a result, Rewinside gradually increased the size of his channel, which piqued the interest of many players.

In 2014, Rewinside moved into the legendary YouTube house and from then on regularly created content for his channel together with Ungespielt, Dner, Taddl and the rest of the residents. Due to the noise level there and problems with the neighbors, he and his then-girlfriend Jodie Calussi announced their departure from the house in July 2016. Even though Rewinside now produces music, vlogs, and reaction videos, he still maintains his affinity for gaming to this day and still regularly posts Minecraft Let’s Plays and plays various games live on Twitch.

Beginning with only gaming-related videos, Rewinside has since published an increasing number of videos on a variety of subjects on YouTube. So, in addition to the typical Let’s Plays, his channel also features lengthy and sophisticated vlogs as well as brief ones. He hangs out with other YouTubers and streamers, explores deserted locations, journeys across the globe, skateboards, and does a lot more. Rewinside’s video selection, then, is broad in terms of themes and undoubtedly has something for everyone.

YouTuber “Rewigang” focuses on reaction videos on his second channel. He provides his thoughts on the videos he views, including those of his YouTube friends, TikToks, documentaries, memes, and trailers. The channel was established in 2014 and has nearly 360,000 subscribers.Rewinside broadcasts on Twitch at least twice a week, where he has already established a sizable following. He primarily interacts with his fans and pals there while playing different video games and responding to videos. Additionally, the Cologne-based developer conducts a donation stream once a year, all of the revenues from which go to an African relief group. He is assisted in doing so by well-known YouTube pals and other well-known online personalities.

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